… Trinity Evans!

Heylo, welcome to my little slice of internets and I hope you’ll stick around.  I’m a 22 year old author, that still squeals at the realization that I am an author. I’ve been writing fiction works and role playing for a few years now; although I didn’t start to take myself seriously until this summer.
That’s when my hopes for more than just being a “weekender” writer took shape, and I pushed myself harder than I ever have.  For me, writing was something to do as an outlet, to be saved into a word document then promptly forgotten about, or worse; I would imagine and daydream up wonderful worlds full of characters I grew to love but never actually brought their stories to life for others to enjoy.
Enough of those shenanigans.


With the help of my long time best friend, Xoe Xanders, we’ve embarked on a journey to bring an exciting quartet of characters to life. C’mon, who doesn’t like werewolves… and rockstars for that matter?  I have to give a huge thank you and so much gratitude for becoming my writing mentor without letting anything ruin our friendship.  We still stay up all night laughing and talking much too loudly.  It’s like we’re still thirteen and trying to not wake up your parents.  I appreciate everything you do for me, and I don’t think I’d ever have gotten up the gumption to go for the gold (a career as a writer) without you.  If I never accomplished anything else besides the High Velocity quartet, I would still be super proud and absolutely enraptured with, well… us!


(On a side note, I have several ideas floating around in my brain, and I’m thankful to be able to write with confidence that High Velocity will not be my only work… Just an FYI ;o )


So who is Trinity Evans?

I am as I’ve said a small-town girl with a rather rose colored hue on romance.  Sure, I want to see lots of drama and laughs throughout the development of a relationship, but in the end I want my Happily Ever After.

I’ve been with my own Happily Ever After for awhile now, and our relationship and interactions have been quite an inspiration for many of the reactions that I write.  Of course, dramatizations are frequently required.

When I’m not working on writing, I work a less than glamorous job in the medical field but I do pretty much skip to work.  I’ve been blessed with amazing friends, true love, and the most supportive family any author could ask for.


So… I thank you for taking the time to read about yours truly and don’t ever be shy to contact me.  A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met…~! (Or something equally cheesy like that)